10 July 2009

A Life Update

I'll try to post this as quickly as I can. These pictures are already getting stale. (I even looked and found an unposted-post about a zoo trip from April that I forgot about--perhaps I'll post it--post-dated of course--post-haste.) In any case, for those of you who rarely see us, barely hear from us, and nearly forgot what we look like--I'll throw you a "bone." And I'll even try to comment. But I'll keep it short. At least that's what I'll aim for.

Above: Pictures of Enoch and his birthday cake. It's hard to read because it's in Latin, but it's Exodus 12:14. Go look it up. I know you're curious what it says.
Below: The kids enjoying and sharing all the candy from the birthday celebration.

Below: Brendan gesturing and expressing how excited he is that his birthday will be here before we know it!

One thing leads to another: Enoch made Cyrus the cat a great climbing tree/scratching post, and he needed carpet with which to cover over it. I was ready for a change (and tired of my ugly carpet), so I told him, "Let's rip up the purple carpet in the hallway and on the stairs." Here's the before and after shots:

And here's the happy cat, who loves being so high off the ground, out of the little ones' reach. The purple carpet still doesn't go well with my interior (especially that orange wall, you're probably surmising.) But my interior is a work in process. (That sounds like a cheezy greeting card, doesn't it?)

And finally, I was going to do a separate post on our garden, but I figured if I get around to doing it, fine, but meanwhile, here's the herbs that are growing splendidly out front: thyme, basil, basil, basil, basil, mint, parsley, parsley. That sounds like poetry, doesn't it? Oh, yeah, and rosemary in a pot, nine days old.

S'all for now. I don't have anything about Enoch's trip to Italy and Greece. He returned safely and we survived and even did a good job keeping the housework up while he was gone. So we re-adjust again to the new summer schedule, and keep ourselves busy until fall.