18 September 2008

B.J. for President

My fellow citizens, today is a brand new day! It’s time to consider the future. Soon we will be electing a new person to lead this great country, and I am in favor of embracing new ideas, new strategies, new onesies—whatever it takes to make this great country great again. Therefore, I am announcing my candidacy for president. It’s not too late to make a change, so vote for me on election day.

I am pro-family. I support the notion that there should be a breast for every baby, and a baby for every breast. My opponents want you to believe that because of my inexperience I am not capable of leading this country. I say poo on them. Just look at my bald head. Not a single one of my opponents can boast that they are naturally bald and beautiful. Let me tell you something, and look at me carefully: I didn’t get this way overnight!

My ideas about health care are simple. Everyone should take at least two naps a day, and sleep for ten to twelve hours a night. If that doesn’t cure you, then it’s time to visit your Mama. My opponents think that my health care plan is naive. But I think they’re just saying that because they haven’t slept a decent night since they were five.

My opponents think that because I haven’t picked a running mate yet that I have no idea what kinds of responsibilities a president will have while in office, or something like that. I can’t remember exactly anymore. Who cares what my opponents think? I can make a fist and shake it just as passionately as they can. I can even make a mean looking face that shows people I’m serious when I’m talking.

And I’m talking! Even if my lips are sealed, I mean business. And I’m in the business of change. C-H-A- whatever. You know, change. Business. Speaking of business, I’ve been a little busy myself and could use a change. Mommy!

Peace, out. Power to the Pampers!

Vote for B.J.!

08 September 2008

News Flash

We interrupt our regular infrequent blog postings for this important message:

Okay, for those of you who don't recognize the person in the above photo, it's probably because he has a huge hole in his head, and he looks much older than he actually is. Here's another photo with better lighting and less flash:

So, if you need me to explain more closely, I will, but I will warn you that the next photo is a close up, and if you have a weak stomach for these kinds of things, consider yourself forewarned.

Last night Julien was complaining of a runny nose and his throat sounded scratchy. Since all his other siblings were at various stages of fighting the same common cold, I offered to spray some throat spray in his mouth to help soothe the pain to help him get to sleep. I was shocked when I looked into that mouth of his, and my eye caught a glimpse of two new teeth coming in behind his baby teeth! After my double-take, I insisted on checking for wiggly-ness, confirming the reality that at least two or three of his bottom teeth are loose (which is good, considering that the two new teeth take up as much space as four of the baby ones). So I sent him off to bed, and, of course, he then really had a hard time falling asleep, knowing that he was about to lose his first tooth. By this morning, it was obvious that he had spent a good portion of the night wiggling that tooth, and I was hopeful that the tooth would fall out sometime during school hours, since this stuff grosses me out a little bit. But, alas, the tooth was still intact when he got home. Thankfully, Enoch came home and was quite eager to help liberate the tooth, which he did with a tissue, even though he really wanted to use his pliers.

Now we need to figure out the Tooth Fairy thing. Since Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are not sold here, it would make sense that our home would be a no-fly zone for the Tooth Fairy. But we need to celebrate it in some way. Perhaps we'll start a savings account to pay for future orthodontic needs!

So Much To Say, No Time To Say It All

Okay, someone pinch me. Didn't I just give birth? Was it really three weeks ago? Of course, so much has happened I just can't write about it all. So I'll try to just put some comments beside pictures I can post. I have to do this under a time limit, or else I will have accomplished absolutely nothing today. So here goes.

Here's the first picture of the first day of school. It's Julien's first day, actually. Tristan's first day was technically two days later. We had just bought this new double stroller the night before, so we could get there on time with the smallest siblings buckled in place.

Here's a picture of Julien with his new first grade teacher, Mrs. O.

Here's a last minute picture of my parents with all 4 kids just before we drove them to the airport. (sniff-sniff) I can't believe how fast three weeks goes by! Now I'm re-learning how to do my own laundry and cooking is next on the list...

Here's a picture of the first day of school with both boys in uniform.

Here they are with our neighbor who commutes on foot to and from school with us.

Here's Tristan shaking hands with his new kindergarten teacher. ("Make eye contact next time, Tristan!")

My time is up! More to come.