08 September 2008

So Much To Say, No Time To Say It All

Okay, someone pinch me. Didn't I just give birth? Was it really three weeks ago? Of course, so much has happened I just can't write about it all. So I'll try to just put some comments beside pictures I can post. I have to do this under a time limit, or else I will have accomplished absolutely nothing today. So here goes.

Here's the first picture of the first day of school. It's Julien's first day, actually. Tristan's first day was technically two days later. We had just bought this new double stroller the night before, so we could get there on time with the smallest siblings buckled in place.

Here's a picture of Julien with his new first grade teacher, Mrs. O.

Here's a last minute picture of my parents with all 4 kids just before we drove them to the airport. (sniff-sniff) I can't believe how fast three weeks goes by! Now I'm re-learning how to do my own laundry and cooking is next on the list...

Here's a picture of the first day of school with both boys in uniform.

Here they are with our neighbor who commutes on foot to and from school with us.

Here's Tristan shaking hands with his new kindergarten teacher. ("Make eye contact next time, Tristan!")

My time is up! More to come.

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