18 January 2007

We love you Beary much

I had a great time taking the kids to the mall to spend some of our Christmas money. I got a couple of new pairs of pants, and they had a fun time getting to experience Build-A-Bear. We only did the "bear" minimum, since I was not prepared to find wardrobes for three new furry friends (I wasn't going to press my luck). Julien kept insisting that they were naked and that they needed to have clothes on them. They even tried to talk me into getting toy cell phones for them. I said that since Enoch and I don't even have cell phones, certainly three stuffed animals don't need them either. They did get fur brushes, though. Perhaps we'll get them clothes on future mall visits.

Rosalind Seems to like her new best friend. We named her "Sissy."

Julien is all smiles with his new best friend, "Teddie."

Tristan's new best friend, "Lovie" was lovingly decorated with Build-A-Bear stickers.

Here's the whole gang. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

14 January 2007

Home Sweet Home

Here are a group of photos of our new home. Our front door is the white one on the left. That's Enoch with our realtor and one of her daughters on the front steps.

Here's our back yard, shared driveway, and alley way. It may have a little vegetable garden and compost potential, we hope.

Here's a view of our main floor. Julien was a bit curious about using the camera. (Thankfully he got one for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Stevenson. Perhaps we'll get him a blog so he can post his own pictures...) You can see Rosalind's room at the top of the stairs.

The dining room is one of our favorite rooms. We sure do spend a lot of time there as a family! It doesn't take long for our place to look "lived in." We're working on that as one of our new year's resolutions...

Here's our beautiful kitchen. I guess what makes it so beautiful is our pink countertop accessory! I missed having my pots and pans hanging easily within reach, so Enoch attached some hooks underneath on the kitchen side of the counter, freeing up a big cupboard for other things (like the electric skillet and the stock pot).