18 January 2007

We love you Beary much

I had a great time taking the kids to the mall to spend some of our Christmas money. I got a couple of new pairs of pants, and they had a fun time getting to experience Build-A-Bear. We only did the "bear" minimum, since I was not prepared to find wardrobes for three new furry friends (I wasn't going to press my luck). Julien kept insisting that they were naked and that they needed to have clothes on them. They even tried to talk me into getting toy cell phones for them. I said that since Enoch and I don't even have cell phones, certainly three stuffed animals don't need them either. They did get fur brushes, though. Perhaps we'll get them clothes on future mall visits.

Rosalind Seems to like her new best friend. We named her "Sissy."

Julien is all smiles with his new best friend, "Teddie."

Tristan's new best friend, "Lovie" was lovingly decorated with Build-A-Bear stickers.

Here's the whole gang. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!


  1. Merrilee,
    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us all! It is nice to see your new home and updated pictures of the clan. I should probably try the same.
    Blessings to you and the gang!
    With Love,

  2. Hey there Merrillee! Sure enjoyed the picturs...looks like they all enjoyed the bears. Hope all is well out there! God bless you! Melanie :)