12 May 2007

Wheeling and Dealing!

Ridley Creek State Park
{Disclaimer: although the following photos fit within the context of the story, they were actually taken a few days later, at Ridley Creek State Park.}

Last Thursday night, the weather was warm, and Enoch suggested that we go for a walk after dinner. I was a little exhausted from being sleep-deprived and spending lots of time outside this week, watching the kids ride their bikes (with training wheels) in the alley-way. I was tempted to send Enoch with the kids while I flopped myself on the couch, but I wanted to show him how well Julien had improved his bike-riding skills. I had been coaching him on how to make big circular turns without stopping or taking his feet off the pedals, and he was doing it better every day. We all headed to the school playground, except I had to change Rosalind's diaper before coming.

Rosalind's three-wheeler

baby blue eyes

They went on ahead, bikes and helmets and all. By the time I had reached the school grounds, I looked up to see them, and they called enthusiastically to me to watch them ride.

"catch me if you can, Daddy!"
Then I noticed Enoch at a distance, waving his arms above his head, holding Julien's training wheels in his hands. "Look, Mama! No training wheels!" they all shouted.

riding with confidence

Well I'll be honest: I was not surprised, since I knew he was riding so well the week before. We knew he was ready. But I was quite impressed and stood in awe as I watched him ride with such confidence, and not crash a single time! I have scars on my knees from when I learned to ride my bike. But he has taken to it like a fish to water, and we are so proud of him.

not far behind big brother

When we got home, I was pleased to my heart when I heard Tristan telling him, "Julien, I'm so proud of you that you know how to ride your bike with only two wheels now!" It was a glowing moment, and, of course, a little bittersweet, knowing that our "baby" is growing up! (Sniff-sniff.)

riding confidently

Riding away

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