02 June 2007

Four Years Old

Here's a picture of Tristan when he was first born.

If you know Tristan, you know that this picture is proof that some things just never change.
Now Tristan is a big boy. We just celebrated his fourth birthday.

four years old
It was more like a birthday week, because his Aunt Becky came to visit from California for the weekend, bearing birthday and non-birthday gifts for everyone.

Aunt Becky/Rosalind

new outfits


We got to go hiking one day, and to Chuck E. Cheese another day, and we went to two different Memorial Day parades as well. (More on that later) And because she had to leave early on Tuesday the 29th (the actual birthday), we had a little pre-birthday party the night before with presents and cake.

cake and candles

brother and the loot

And then the package containing more birthday presents arrived from Oregon on Thursday, so it has been a very long and full week, especially for Julien, who has been having a hard time dealing with his brother getting so much attention.

package unwrapped

silly helmet

goofy boys

four dollars

The only person who seemed happy all the time was, of course, sweet Rosalind.

smiling baby

Rosalind on the floor

She was busy busting out two new top front teeth to go with the bottom ones, working on bringing her knees up to crawl, and deciding that she can sit up and eat Cheerios. A lot for one long weekend! No wonder I have only posted once in the month of May!

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