31 July 2007

Farming Update

The gardens are in full swing, and I won't be recording every time we go outside to pick, since it is now every day. But today was significant, even though I didn't take any pictures. (These are from last week.) I picked a lot of beans, and a couple of tiny zucchini because they were literally growing under the plant and I wanted to let the plant work on growing other zucchini located more favorably. And here's the big deal: I picked thirteen Anaheim peppers from one pepper plant, and there are more on the way!

Our tomato plants are taking over the garden, and are as high as the pole beans--between 5 and 6 feet tall. Enoch also found 5 cucumbers ready to be picked today, and I had just picked 2 yesterday!

Last week we had a couple of days with heavy rain, and by the time we got out to harvest, there were 3 giant zucchini, which yielded nine quart-sized bags full of shredded zucchini by the time I was done with them (roughly 18 cups). I'll gladly accept any good zucchini and green bean recipes anyone has! I have a wonderful recipe for basil-zucchini muffins with Parmesan cheese--maybe I'll post that some time. We have a lot of butternut squash growing, and the plant has left the confines of the raised bed and is trying to root itself in the grass between it and the driveway. (The more the merrier!) I'm looking forward to when the sunflowers bloom and when we begin to harvest carrots.

This last picture is of our poor little cherry tomato plant, which was planted in a red container. It looks so pathetic, all dried and withered, but it has a good number of tomatoes on it, and seems to want to keep surviving and producing; it is still putting out new flowers! I can't quite tell if it is a happy plant or not. It must feel so inferior to it's bigger, bulkier brother tomato plants that are in the ground, but I am very pleased with it's production. (I'm sure there is a lesson here--and perhaps a future blog bible study about the four soils and their outcomes or about the branches that get pruned because they don't produce any fruit!)

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