13 August 2007

This Means War!

Every Friday we have "Family Fun Night." Sometimes we go somewhere, like creek walking or hiking or IKEA, but usually we stay home and play games. The first one ever, we played hide-n-seek in the dark, and it was fantastic. We also enjoy board games, but the kids are still a little young to play some of them, so we simplify the rules to make it fun. One such success is the game RISK. You know, the game of world domination and tiny army guys? The game that usually ends with everyone full of animosity and not speaking to one another? The boys were so intrigued by the little army guys, they persisted in wanting to play. I finally decided we would simplify: No board, just army guys and dice, and we take turns attacking one another until the last army standing wins. And the nice thing is, it isn't long and drawn out like the real game. We always have fun setting up at the beginning. This last time, I pulled out the camera to record the showdown.

Gray team: A.K.A "Smoke" Strategy: intimidate by looking sharp and keeping cool. I think Enoch enjoys setting up his army the most, honestly! Here's the look to challenge all the others.

Blue team: A.K.A "Water" Strategy: Tight and unified. It took a couple of tries to get a mean enough looking shot, since Tristan prefers to giggle.

Yellow team: A.K.A "Cheese" No, let's pick another: "Light" Strategy: Cut the cheese? No, divide and conquor! The mean look is fierce like Daddy's.

Red team: A.K.A "Fire"

What's the problem here? I think they took one look at this picture, and all started rolling over with laughter!

Strategy? Try to hold it together! At least my mean look is a little better...

And the winner is... The cheesiest: Yellow team. Way to go Julien!

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