21 April 2008

Add This To My Resume

So we decided to turn over the garden and break up the clods one more time before planting seeds, and Enoch began to do so Friday afternoon. He got about 1/3 of the way through, but stopped due to Family Fun Night. Then he decided to get sick and have to stay in bed for mostly the remainder of the weekend. (Doing better now, though.) We had a 30% chance of rain today, but it was rather warm and a bit breezy with mostly cloud cover, so I ventured to take Tristan and Rosalind out with shovels and see what I could tackle before lunch or rainfall. After all, it's only laundry day, and other than some lifting and stuffing of clothes, the machines do all the work. (Except for the folding and putting away. Since there's no machine to do that, I need a separate day for that chore!)

We got about to the middle of the garden before Rosalind decided she wanted to venture into the alley way with her shovel and see where it would take her. After a couple times of scolding her for not staying in the yard, we decided to break for lunch and quiet time. But Tristan and I were back at it for another hour or so after lunch and a break. We not only finished the whole garden, but we then raked it smooth and gathered the large clods and broke most of them up by hand. (Except for the hard ones from when Enoch had shoveled a couple of days ago.) As we were enjoying the feel of the soft soil crumbling in our hands and smoothing it out, Tristan said to me that it felt as soft (or softer) than his Blue Doggy. That is no small deal, believe me!

But that's not the best part. The BEST part was the most excellent compliment we received when Enoch got home from work. He came in and said to me, "YOU'VE been borrowing someones rototiller to till up the garden, haven't you?" I laughed with delight and proudly told him that we did no such thing, but that Tristan and I dug it ourselves and even broke up the clods with our hands. It's nice when people you respect notice your hard work.

Here's a shot of the final product, with a few clods left to crumble.

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