04 February 2009

Snow Day

Last night we got a good four inches of snow and today the kids were off from school because of it. I got up while it was mostly dark and let Enoch get the kids up (he had a two-hour delay), and I had about 45 minutes of shoveling bliss. First, I shoveled a path from our back door up to the top of the driveway. And I shoveled over to the top of the driveway of our neighbor, who would be bringing her daughter over for the day. Then I walked down the alley to the front of our row of homes, and began to push a pathway all the way to the end of our block. I got sidetracked when I stopped to help a neighbor who was digging her van out, and I was glad to get to visit with her a little bit while we pushed around the snow. I continued to the end of the sidewalk at the corner of our street before I returned to our front steps where I cleared my way to the front door. I would have shoveled every inch if I could have. But since the baby was up and needed me, and Enoch was ready for a chance to dig out our van, we switched places.

The next time I got out to shovel, I had the baby bundled in his car seat in the stroller (napping), and the rest of the gang bundled as best as possible out playing in the stuff. This time I cleared off the entire back driveway and my neighbor's driveway. Then we broke for lunch and quiet time.

So I got a couple of snapshots. Now I'm tired and I'm going to bed. A good time was had by all, and I'm looking forward to a normal school day tomorrow.

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  1. Sweet pictures, Merr! Snow is so much fun. Until you get wet and cold, of course...but otherwise its so pretty and quiet. And look at those rosy red cheeks and smiling faces :D