24 June 2009

An Above Average Day

Today was one of those days in which I would have liked to have a camera to document all the above average moments so I could just document an above average day. Nothing particularly special or overly noteworthy happened. My house is still messy in the places where I tend to have difficulty keeping from getting cluttered. Every laundry basket is overflowing with clean clothes to be folded. We had hot dogs and potato salad for dinner. And here I sit, after putting the kids in bed, knowing there's much to do, but I haven't posted on my blog in so long. So I wish I had taken photos to document the things like Rosalind in the back yard wearing day-old French braids and dirty face and shoes picking and eating any raspberry that showed any kind of pink color. And I wish I had taken the camera to the alleyway and snapped a couple of shots of my growing boys playing basketball or riding their scooters home from summer learning clubs while I carried Rosalind's push toy (and the baby) because she grew tired of it after half of a block. I wish I had snapped a picture of Brendan in the baby swing outside near the garden; he's almost too big for it, and he'll be a year old in less than two months. And of my husband, my hero, who is letting his curly locks grow a little, and hasn't shaved in a good while. He is working extra hard to prepare for the new school year even though it's still June, and came home and cut the grass, helped plant the lima beans, carrots, and radishes, and manned the grill for dinner as well. (Sigh) He's the real reason that today was above average. Without his support and diligence and positive attitude, I know I'd turn into a cynical, whiny, bigger-mess-than-I-sometimes-am. Ultimately, I know above all else that it is not my husband, but my Heavenly Father who strengthens me, sustains me, and gives me every good and perfect gift in my life. And I am thankful that He has given me this man as my mate. In a week, he'll be getting on an airplane and traveling for 9 days, and I'm not looking forward to his absence. I know I have come to rely on him so much that it will be difficult to manage without him. So while we're making preparations for his travels and getting as many i's dotted and t's crossed before he leaves, I'll try to remember to get the camera out. One of these days.

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