07 December 2009

This and That

Is it just me or does it feel like Christmas is next weekend or something? Everything is happening at once, the work week is full full full, and the "mail in time to get there before Christmas" date is fast approaching. (Anyone know what that date is, by the way?) I recently "emptied" out the camera, and came across some long lost moments captured in digital format.

So this post is a hodge-podge of photos--think of them as the missing blog posts from November (and maybe even October)--and I'll just write my comments beside as best I'm able.

Insects and worms

If you look carefully, you'll see a "giant spider," as Rosalind identified it (actually a praying mantis--somewhat common in our neighborhood). I think he was responsible for the "silence of the crickets" that had been populating our herb garden this summer. You might also recognize the over-sized book worm consuming a kid's mystery while sporting a rather casual demeanor. Reading is an after-school competition at our house!

The cat got caught

Our poor indoor cat. He's such an adventuresome and curious creature. There's no doubt in my mind that he would absolutely love to smell and chase and kill things in the great outdoors. But alas, his only thrill (besides chasing the ball with the bell) is to live vicariously through the smells that come from far away places (like grocery bags and packages that come from the great Northwest). You do what you can.

Yes we can!

Well that was a great segue! To the average person, these photos mean nothing. But take note: inside that kettle is a bubbling batch of sweet apple goodness made from most of the 90 lbs of apples we picked this fall. We like to call it love in a jar, but to the rest of you, it's called apple butter. Look at all those jars! (And I had done another smaller batch before this one!) Anyone who gets a jar of apple butter from us this year is dearly loved indeed, as Enoch would barely part with it last year, it was so good.

Bread Head

I think November is probably the best month of the year. Not only is it the month we celebrate our wedding anniversary, but it's also the month we go all out in the kitchen. Enoch especially enjoys making bread whenever he can, and this loaf was one specialty loaf he made that was photo-worthy. (Although it looks like a giant dinosaur claw, it's supposed to be a woven bundle of wheat, in case you're wondering.) We also made a delicious herb-stuffed turkey, with herbs from our own garden, which always makes everything taste better.

Pumpkins and Punkins

Just a couple of snapshots of a pumpkin before we roasted it in preparation for pumpkin butter (more photos of this likely to come). Hopefully we'll get it canned before the postal deadline arrives. (When is it, again?) And finally, the following recent shots of my "Punkins" after they had a little hair taken off the sides to update their look. Also, a braid comparison of Rosalind's braids from last year and this year, since she had nothing taken off.

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