19 August 2010

Love, Merrilee

Well, it's been about a month, so it's time to post again, right? (I kid, I kid.)

I've been thinking lately about the way I sign my name when corresponding with people. You know what I'm talking about:

Dear So-and-so,

Blah blah blah blah blah.

Sincerely, Me.
But of course, if you've ever received such a correspondence from me, you would usually find the words, "Love, Merrilee." (And let's face it, my correspondence would have a LOT more than five words in it!) Not always, but most times, I sign Love. Why? I'm so glad you asked.

I could write a lengthy post explaining the differences between the various meanings of the word love. You know, the four loves (phileo, agapao, storge, and eros)? But since I'm not a Greek scholar but in fact a mother of small children (who need to be attended to, by the way), I'll just keep it simple for ya.

When I sign Love, Merrilee, I'm not thinking "I love you." (Though, some of you: I do love you. You're my family--or adopted family. Or you're my best friends. Or you're my neighbor. Or you're reading this blog. Thank you; I love you!) Usually, if I'm thinking "I love you," I'll write I love you.

No, when I sign Love, Merrilee, I'm usually thinking of love in terms of a verb. Not in the first person indicative, but the imperative. You love. Go do it: love. Be about the business of our Heavenly Father: love.

So what? What's the big deal about it anyway? I don't know, really. I guess I sometimes feel the need to explain myself so that others will understand why I do strange things. I don't usually sign Love, Merrilee to perfect strangers. But I do sign off that way when I'm corresponding with a fellow Christian with whom we share the evangelical commission to go and make disciples. Our little correspondence has been a blessing to me. Now, let's go love. Merrilee.


  1. And now I have a "link location" I can use whenever I feel the need to explain it to someone. I love that.

  2. Great post, Merrilee! Love the insight into your world. :) I often sign my letters "Love, Laurie" but my reasons aren't quite as deep as yours--ha!

  3. Thanks for the post! Maybe you need to change it from
    :) That old over-used exclamation point after a one-word-verb sentence is supposed to make what you say into an imperative with the subject "you" understood:
    "Hey, you, LOVE!
    Marilee says so!"