24 February 2007

Birthday Boy

We invited some of our friends (and their kids) and a new neighbor over for barbecue pork rolls and potato salad and birthday cake. There were 10 kids and 7 adults, and one very special young adult (Lulu) who helped make the party a PARTY for the kids.

Note to self: next time, make your own cake! Store-bought birthday cakes are SO over-priced. I finally settled on a carrot cake that was delicious and a little more reasonably priced, but not the traditional birthday cake that most kids are used to. We pre-sliced the cake before blowing out the candles, so Julien only blew on his own piece, and we all could get right to eating it!

Julien takes this birthday business seriously, and rather enjoyed dressing the part with his birthday glasses which came from a card from Grandma and Grandpa Stevenson.

I just couldn't resist this photo!

Here's Lulu with the older gang of kids playing games in the basement.

Did we mention how much we love Lulu? She is the BEST!

The three youngest ones were having a rather subdued party of their own.

Isn't he a cutie?

Even Tristan was happy that it was Julien's birthday.

Five years! Where does the time go?

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