28 February 2007

The Long and Short of It

I have a gross story to tell. Here is the long detailed, "flowery" wife-version. For the short, to-the-point husband-version, scroll to the end until you see the picture of Enoch and Rosalind.

We went to my church's MOM's Unlimited meeting today (www.gracechapelpa.org), and after getting the boys to their classes, I sat at my table, took off my coat, and fed Rosalind, who was waiting patiently, still in her pajamas. When we finished, I took her to the nursery where I changed her clothes and left her with the care-takers, and returned to the large meeting room.

Since Nancy had already started teaching, I discreetly sat at my table in the front row, and quietly began to take notes. The "Marriage Moment" topic was about choosing to let your husband be the man--the way God created him. (One example she gave was to get to the point when you're telling a story.) It's okay, and in fact good, that your husband is different from you, and we need to be reminded to accept that and choose to give him that freedom.

There was a short 7-minute break, and I went to get a snack from the food table, since I hadn't helped myself to it earlier. I returned, and visited briefly with the ladies at my table, and then the teaching continued. I again took notes as I also finished eating the delicious coffee cake.

About 5-10 minutes later, I looked down at my watch, and there on my long black sleeve was an adult-sized cockroach, crawling on my forearm!

I reacted as I would have if it were a bee or a spider--I quickly brushed it off with my other hand and inhaled loudly through my nose and squirmed a bit in my chair, trying not to cause a huge distraction from Nancy's teaching.

Everyone at my table, as well as the 3 or 4 surrounding tables, all looked at me, but only the ladies at my table could see that the roach had been flung across the air and landed on it's back on the tile floor a few feet away.

I smiled and tried to whisper to my fellow table members what was going on without freaking out, still trying not to interrupt the whole lesson. Occasionally we would look over to see that the cockroach was still there, wriggling and moving his legs, but going no where.

After the lesson was over, Nancy saw the bug and I looked over just in time to hear the crunching sound coming from under her shoe. The roach was no more.

But the thought of where it may have come from is still haunting me. Was it hanging out at my table before I sat down? Was it from the church nursery? Did I somehow pick it up when I got my snack at the snack table? Or worse: did it come from my own house, and was it tucked away in my clothes, my bag, or my baby's car-seat?

Will I find more of his relatives in my house soon? Oh! I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about that one. It makes my skin crawl. And since I have long hair which sometimes tickles when it moves around on me, I'm finding myself very "tickle sensitive" right now. Every time I have an itch, I actually look where I'm itching. Every time I look down at my arm, I shiver and shake my head as I picture it in my mind.

Now, here's the short and sweet version for my wonderful husband, and anyone else who appreciates a story in a nutshell:

I found a cockroach crawling on me while I was sitting quietly at church today. It freaked me out a little, but now I keep thinking about where it might have come from. Eeeew! I hope we don't have them in our house!

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  1. Spring has sprung at your house! Wish I could smell all your flowers--did they come with the house? It was still snowing here last week...only a few crocus brave enough to peek out. Any signs of Mr. Cucaracha's family at home? I like Rosalind's hairdo with Napoleon :)