07 April 2007

Coloring Eggstravaganza!

We've been enjoying our week of spring break and having Daddy around these days. Today we decided to color Easter Eggs with the boys.

Enoch got the stuff all ready, and we carefully explained how white crayon works when you want to make a pretty design, and showed them how to carefully set the egg into the cup of dye.

I've decided I like doing artsy projects. However, my creative side is so strong that it sometimes struggles with my easygoing side when the kids are also participating. So while I was carefully planning how I would transform normal, everyday, white hard-boiled eggs into Easter masterpieces, the boys simply picked up the eggs and colored as many as they could as quickly as possible with or without the help of a crayon.

(Actually, the photos don't lie. I have to admit, they did use the crayons, but didn't quite master the technique, and worked way too quickly.)

By the time I finished making my yellow sheep and my "pink" pig, nearly all the white eggs were gone. I made one super-fancy green egg, and managed to rescue a "multi-colored" egg which was transformed into a bunny rabbit.

So although I didn't get to make a whole herd of barnyard of animals, I sure did have a lot of fun, and each year I think the eggs will get more and more creative as my own herd learns to fine-tune their artistic skills.

Rosalind is too young to appreciate the joy of coloring Easter eggs, and in fact was taking a nap at the time.

She looks as pretty as a brightly colored egg in her new smock and has a lot of room to grow.

Speaking of growing, check out those front teeth in the first picture!

She also enjoys jumping in her jumping toy, and recently discovered the joy of babbling and getting people to respond to her comments. If talking becomes a sport, she's going to have some stiff competition for conversation in this household!

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  1. Good job on the eggs! I see you're using the food coloring method. Be careful the little charmers don't see where you put that away... because, well, my kids loved to get them out again later to decorate other stuff. Okay, there's your unsolicited advice for the day. Happy Easter!