20 April 2007

Sweet Rosalind's Baby Dedication

fresh baby
I have a feeling that our daughter may grow up thinking her name is "Sweeeeet Rosalind," since that's what her Daddy calls her all the time. Her brothers love to follow his example, too.

pink baby

But at least it's true: she is sweet. She is also VERY active, and loves her jumper and her excitable brothers. Sometimes when she lays on her floor mat to play and roll around, she gets on her tummy and just kicks and squeals. (I think it's only a matter of time and she will be my wildest child yet!)


Here are a couple pictures of Rosalind's baby dedication at church from the 15th.

As of this posting, all my "recent" photo library is unavailable. Recent meaning from the day after Rosalind was born to about one week ago. We "dropped" the laptop one too many times, and it doesn't look good. I'm back to using the desk top computer, but praying that there's a way to salvage the photos and the music--oh, and the documents, too! I managed to retrieve a couple of photos that I had e-mailed to the church for display on the big screen during the baby dedication, which are posted above.

So we're back up and running, and trying to keep these postings coming!