09 May 2008

The End Of An "Hair-a"

Okay, I can't use the telephone company as an excuse any longer; we are back up and running faster and cheaper than before, so the blog entries and e-mails are free flowing again.

Speaking of free-flowing, my long locks will soon be sheared! Monday is the date of their departure. I had been planning to visit the beauty shop of a fellow kindergarten Mom who has generously given us numerous half-price coupons, but that still requires making an appointment and arranging for childcare, which I never get around to doing.

Then Enoch told me that the high school where he teaches is sponsoring a Locks of Love day. Better yet, he made the appointment for me during an hour when he doesn't have a class, so he can watch the kiddos while I get myself a new look for the spring/summer season. (Let's face it: probably the next few spring/summer seasons, as I tend to get my hair cut about every 3 years or every other child, whichever comes first.)

So I'll try to take some farewell photos of my long hair, and hopefully get some good before/after shots. I'm looking forward to it, but also not. Sometimes shorter hair is more work than long, and I'm low-maintenance almost to a fault! But we'll see. A new look is fun too, and long hair is old hair, so maybe it will make me look younger! Ha!

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