16 December 2008

O Christmas Tree

This year I enjoyed taking a step back and letting the Enoch and kids do most of the decorating of the tree. My job was to untangle the ornament hooks, and give each ornament a hook that needed one, and I really enjoyed it! Occasionally I'd have to help bring "balance" when one or two branches became particularly overdecorated, or hang a particularly fragile or special ornament up high, but I really enjoyed watching the kids enjoy the process.

Enoch and I reminisced about some of the tree decorations: We still have a handful of small wooden ornaments purchased in Bethlehem, shortly after we were married. The blue and silver ornament balls were purchased a few years ago from IKEA. They are plastic, and one of the best Christmas ornament purchases we made, especially with our young kids. We also have a box of red berry sprigs, which were the results of a failed craft project a couple of years ago. Last year we decided to stick them on the tree, and were very pleased with the splashes of color and the simplicity of being able to just put them anywhere without a hook. Each year we all get new ornaments from Enoch's parents, and it's fun to see how the collections are growing.

I got to thinking about how eclectic our tree has become, and how relatively "unplanned" are the assortment of ornaments. It's mostly looking very "red-white-and-blue," but not in a patriotic sense. I began to think about what our tree looked like when I was a kid, and I wondered what our tree will look like when our children are grown and take their ornaments with them to decorate their own trees. I made sure the kids knew that I wanted them to be very careful with my twirly glass icicle ornaments (also bought from IKEA), because I think I'll want those on my tree years and years from now. And I really, really enjoy the tradition of having the decorated Christmas tree in our home at Christmas time.

How about you? What do you like or dislike about your Christmas tree?

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