09 April 2009

Getting My Ducks in a Row

Someone very dear to me sent me some more books by Sandra Felton, and I've been reading them and taking them to heart and attempting to apply the things I'm learning. Thus the blogging and facebook hiatus. (I plan to post about these in the future.) But just yesterday, after he stopped squealing from successfully making yogurt in our crock pot, Enoch said that I've got to get back to blogging. (I will definitely post about the homemade yogurt in the future. Yummy.) But I've GOT to make some more serious progress on my organizing goals before I can jump back into the habit here.

And although I'm still taking an official blogging hiatus, I thought I'd at least post a couple of cute snapshots of the kids that I took this morning. Hopefully we'll be back up to speed soon. There's only a few days left of Spring Break, and it already feels like they are spent...

1 comment:

  1. Love the pictures! Brendan looks like a whole different child since your last pics--he's losing that "baby" look already. He's adorable!

    I was wondering when you'd break the silence. Glad you checked back in! Keep organizing!