17 April 2009

A Peek Into My Life Via an E-mail I Recently Sent

Because I have "no time to blog" here's a copy of an e-mail I sent a friend this morning detailing some highlights--just for y'all to ponder:

Today I'm running on adrenaline and coffee due to all kinds of excitement from 3 of our 4 kids in the last 14 hours. Rosalind brought me an empty vial of Albuterol medication (which I was 98% sure was empty--at least all but a drop). Right as I was about to go grill hamburgers for dinner. She said that she drank it. I didn't believe her, but called the pediatrician's office (because I couldn't find the number to Poison Control), and they said to call 911 because it could cause her heart to stop. We had 2 ambulances, a police car, and a paramedic SUV blocking our entire street, and many neighbors coming out to see what was going on. Enoch was working late. (He usually works extra hours and usually half days on Saturdays too.) And I was telling the kids to clean up before the paramedics arrived. (Fortunately my house was not at its worst at the time!)

Anyway, it was a spectacle and it seemed so ridiculous. She was fine. I just needed someone to check out her vitals and tell me what I already knew.

Then little Brendan, who has been up and down with a fever and cough and stuffy nose woke up around 10:30 crying and writhing in pain. I had to take him to the basement to hold him so that Enoch could get to sleep, because he had to get up early the next day. I gave him Tylenol, which seemed to do the trick. I think it was gas or upset stomach.

Then on the way to school today as we were crossing the street, out of nowhere a car came up very quickly just as Julien was going into the street, and I screamed "STOP" twice as loudly as I could. It was quite the adrenaline rush, even if, thankfully, the driver saw him and reacted quickly.

(SIGH) All that to say that life is hard, but God is good. I know that it's really not the coffee and adrenaline that is sustaining me through these long days and exhausting nights. I've been repeatedly reminded of Philippians 4:13 these last few weeks as it applies to so much of my life! I CAN do ALL THINGS through Him who STRENGTHENS me.

Ha! As I was just typing, I noticed that I haven't changed my wall calendar over to April yet! And the one I use to write down activities and such is on the back of my kitchen door, which I can't get to because of the dirty towels on the floor.

Sunday evenings are okay, although we sometimes have soccer until as late as 5:30--but we still have to eat, so that shouldn't be a problem. The first Saturday of every month we usually reserve for "burn day" (I'll explain it some other time), so it may or may not be a good day to do it. We'll have to find our calendars and get back to one another.

I'm off to take Rosalind to the pediatrician for a follow up. Hope your'e having a safe and healthy day with lots of strength to do all the things you need to do today.

Love, (it is a command, you know)

Thank you for your continued prayers on my behalf!

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  1. Whew! You had my stomach in knots through that whole post. Glad everyone has lived to tell the tale but hope you get some downtime to your Mommy duties this weekend (who am I kidding, right?).