01 May 2009

Mayday! Mayday!

As I started to read Proverbs 31 today, my children stopped me and told me that today is the first day of May. I didn't believe them at first. Then I checked my wrist watch. Can you believe it? April is GONE. (Sigh.) Back to chapter one again!

When we were little kids, my brother and I used to pick flowers from our yard and leave them on the front door step of our dear, sweet, old neighbor lady, Mrs. Bird. We would ring her door bell, then run and hide and watch her find the flowers. Who knows? They may have even been HER flowers. But we did it on May Day, May first. I don't know how that tradition started, or if anyone else out there in the world is familiar with that tradition, but we loved it. I'm going to see if I can do something like that for another dear sweet old neighbor today.

Right now the pink and white dogwood trees and yellow goldenrod bushes are in bloom, as well as azaleas and the remaining late-blooming tulips. We've also noticed the spring grass weeds coloring the world with patches of yellow dandelions, blue forget-me-nots, purple violets, and tiny white weeds that look like a variety of baby's breath. The magnolia trees have dropped their blooms and this year's crop of summer leaves are popping out everywhere. The car is covered with yellow pollen and tiny flowers from the neighbor's maple trees.

I don't know what the world looks like outside your window, but I hope you can pause and take a closer look at it today, and thank the God of all creation for His beauty and His glory. Life might be swirling and racing at warp speed, or you might even feel like you're about to crash and burn. But I'm just going to pause and praise the Lord today for such a beautiful May day.

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