02 May 2009

Home-Grown Goodness

Yesterday's post was a word-snapshot of Spring. But Spring marks the beginning of the new growing season, and for the first time, we are planting early and late! Last fall, we attempted to grow raspberries in the upper portion of our yard. Eight of the nine mail-order plants died, and so we planted spinach in the fall in the raspberry patch to make good use of the open dirt. Since we had such a mild winter and didn't harvest the spinach, it came back this spring like gangbusters, and we have been enjoying fresh spinach from our garden. We also planted new raspberry replacements, and seven of the new nine are thriving.

In our big raised bed, we planted more spinach and lettuce, as well as peas (which we've never grown before). We're looking forward to growing tomatoes, lima beans, carrots, and beets later on, and maybe even some peppers or potatoes in containers. We're also planning on maxing out the front bed with herbs like basil, rosemary, thyme, and oregano--and any additional herbs we can find that will grow. So here's some photos of planting day. Our township delivered a load of mulch right onto the garden--for free! We didn't know what we'd be getting, but as you can see, it's good, dark leaf mulch that will make our garden very happy. And a happy garden is a domestic victory.

Above: Brendan growing like a weed!
Below: Who is that cutie pie playing pee-a-boo?

Why--Rosalind, of course!

Soccer anyone?

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  1. Cute growing kids!!
    Try some chives next to your garden hose, they love water :)