14 September 2009

The end of Summer 2009

Composed on August 29th...

Well our busy summer has quickly come to an end. The last week of August was more eventful than I can even record here, and it came and went so quickly! Enoch's Dad and brother Cyril came for a short visit. So short in fact, that I didn't get a picture! (I'll have to get copies from them...) In anticipation of their visit, I decided what better to do than schedule a Tomboy Tools party in my home as a favor to a friend, to force myself to clean it as best as possible? So we scrubbed and shampooed, wiped walls, and even cleaned behind the refrigerator.

Looking its best

And I sent out my invitations. I even called some people. As more and more people declined, I began to send out general invitations on facebook, for the brave and spontaneous people out there who live within driving range of my home. Apparently, only one such person exists. I won't expose her identity here online, but she knows who she is, and I am very grateful that she came on such short notice. And we did have fun, even though she was the only one to show. Maybe in another two years I'll try throwing a party again. I'm sure I'll need to clean behind the refrigerator by then.

Although this has been (yet another) humiliating experience, it has also been a good learning one. One thing I learned is to have my guest list prepared before picking the party date. It takes time to fill out invitation cards and address them, especially when you know you have outdated addresses for nearly half of your people! By the time I got all that done and the invites sent, it was maybe a week's notice at best. People out here tend to need at least two weeks notice to do just about anything, it seems. I also learned something I already knew about myself: I like having people over. I don't need a party as an excuse to entice people. I can entice them with my willingness to cook for them! And having people over is a good motivator to keeping my house clean. So if you haven't been for a visit and want to come, let me know and we'll schedule your visit soon!

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