14 September 2009

It's Not Over Til It's Over

I am very much aware of the fact that it's been nearly two weeks since I last posted something on my blog. I tend to take a while to adjust to major changes. Going back to school is a big adjustment. Now I'm home all day long with a nearly-three-year-old and a newly-one-year-old. WHO IS WALKING NOW, BY THE WAY!! (That just happened...um...four days ago, so it's still new news.)

It's not that I don't have things I could write about. I do. But I try to limit my blogging during times when the kids are sleeping--so that's before they wake up, nap time, or after they go to bed. But now I have lunches to make every day, and that happens in the morning, which cuts into my computer time. I've noticed that when lunches get made before I have to nurse the baby and before the others get out of bed, I have a much more relaxing approach to that hour and a half daily routine. And if anyone decides that they want to rebel and need my loving discipline during that time, it's best if I don't have to stress myself out about getting lunch made. So those are my excuses for not blogging lately.

Now I should just post pictures.

Pictures from our day trip to the Benjamin Franklin Institute--like a giant kids science museum and adult science museum in one.

Lunch in the cafeteria was interesting. The folks on the right side of the picture were visiting the Star Trek exhibit. Or maybe they worked for the museum and were on their lunch break. Don't know and didn't ask.

Julien pulled out his front tooth by tying one end a string to his tooth and the other to a shoe, and dropping the shoe over the stair railing.

It worked!

One last little hike in the woods before the first day of school.

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