03 February 2010

My Little Secret

Before I could finish my oatmeal, I had to take him upstairs to change a smelly diaper. Then I came across a potato (yes, that's right) in the hallway that he had been playing with like a ball. While I was returning it to it's rightful place, he took all the books off the bookshelf and piled them on the floor. While I was picking up the books, he was in the kitchen pouring dish detergent into the dishwasher and on the floor. While I was sweeping it up, he had found a bowl of popcorn and was throwing it like confetti in the dining room. Before I could finish cleaning that up, he had opened the floor puzzle box, emptied it, and was standing on the lid until it broke. People wonder how a woman with four kids can be as thin as I am. I have a toddler.

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