18 March 2010

Train Up A Child

Tonight I was putting the kids to bed in the usual manner. After praying, we sing some bedtime songs. I limit it to one song requested by each child, usually, and it has to be a soft melody. So tonight, my oldest son picked first: The Lord Is My Shepherd, I'll Walk With Him Always. We recited Psalm 23, and then sang the sweet little tune. It’s an old favorite of ours. Next, his younger brother chose his song: As The Deer, from Psalm 42:1. Another favorite. I just love hearing my own children singing such wonderful songs of commitment to the Lord! Finally, it was my 3-year-old daughter's turn to select the last song. In her little raspy but sweet voice she said in all seriousness, “Um, God Is Great, Beer Is Good, And People are Crazy.” I guess we’ve got a lot more training to do!


  1. Can't wait til she requests that one at church!

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