28 October 2008

Facebook Phenomenon

Well, after a couple of invitations from my sister and a friend, I finally decided to look Facebook in the face and see what the phenomenon is all about. WOW! It's a bit overwhelming. I was just telling my Mom the other day that I think I like the pace of blogging much better. I don't get the kind of "traffic" that Facebook almost automatically throws my way, which is so distracting to me. It's already hard enough limiting the amount of time I spend doing blogging; Facebook is even more tempting as a distraction, because you're perpetually aware of who's online, who commented to whom, who did what (or is currently doing whatever). It's over the top! And my inbox is flooding!

I shouldn't complain. It's nice to re-connect with people I haven't connected with in years. But my challenge (that my long-distanced best friend lovingly reminded me of) is to actually re-connect with actual people and to develop actual friendships, rather than online friends who are easy to be friendly with but hard to be truly honest with (and almost impossible to have over for dinner).

Unfortunately for me today, I have to skip my Tuesday morning Bible study class at church (with actual people) because I'm keeping Tristan home from school due to a cold. So here I sit, at least for a few moments, in the computer state. My thoughts are trailing now, so it's best to wrap it up. But in conclusion, Facebook seems too much in my face. I won't write it off completely, but that's how I feel about it at the moment. At the same time, I'll just holler out to anyone interested--let me know if you want to be a part of Facebook, and I will gladly be your "Facebook friend."

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