22 October 2008

Blogging one-handed

Well I wasn't planning to take a month off from blogging. I just blinked a few times and realized a whole month had passed before my eyes. You know you're a blogger at heart when you go through your day thinking about how you'd post about every other event. (sigh!) I've had so many of those kinds of events, I'll never catch up! Meanwhile, NOTHING gets posted. Wow; that's a lot like my housework, unfortunately. But not today. Today I'm catching up on laundry. I'm actually folding it, an actually putting it away. Today I'm making apple butter in the oven, and we'll hopefully get it canned tonight. Today is going to be a day of domestic victory. It already is. (And hopefully it will also be a day of victory for the Phillies for game one of the World Series.) So if I get a couple of photos posted with this little blurb of a post, so be it. But once Brendan is done with his lunch, it's back to work.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see you back on the board! :D
    Go Rays! heehee!