30 October 2008

Halloween Ideas

Halloween is here again! It’s one of those holidays that we have come to tolerate and even participate in with limitation, because it is a good opportunity to get to know people in the neighborhood and hopefully even to witness to them. Although we dislike the evil themes that surround Halloween, we have agreed to let the kids dress up, as long as it’s not a costume that would be dishonoring to the Lord. In past years, the boys have been little Frenchmen, fire fighters, cowboys, and hamburgers. Except for the hamburger costumes and the cowboy hats, our dress-up ideas have consisted of things we currently own or have on hand to use. In our township, they usually have “Trick-or-Treat” night the day before Halloween, in order to cut down on crime, I guess. So tonight is “Trick-or-Treat,” and tomorrow will be a 1/2-day of Halloween festivities at school.

So here are my bright ideas for this year’s Halloween costume options:

#1. “Joe the Plumber.” I’m pretty sure this is the only year that this costume option will be a huge hit. There’s almost no out-of pocket expense, although I did splurge and spend $2.87 on a new plunger, which we’ll be able to use for household purposes if necessary long after Halloween is forgotten. So all you need: a plaid shirt, a plunger, and a homemade name-tag that says “Joe.” You can use a 5-gallon bucket to put the candy into, which would make a suitable accessory. We’re also thinking of putting coffee grinds on their faces for a more mature-looking plumber.

#2. “Roman Senator.” Okay, this is appealing to the Latin-lover in our family, but all one really needs is a T-shirt and a large sheet to wrap around toga-style. My husband actually owns a tunic and a toga, so his costume is ready. But perhaps one of our scholars would like to dress up like Daddy this year. It’s a possibility. (Although it might be a little too cold to wear sandals.)

#3. “Soccer Player.” This appeals to my athletes, because we haven’t let them wear their soccer uniforms except for during soccer season. And at the rate they are growing, they’ll most likely not fit into their cleats come springtime.

#4. “Princess.” Yawn. I’m not a big princess fan, but my daughter does have a very frilly pink dress that is too big for her currently, but it might just be perfect for a little princess look although she’ll have to wear heavy stockings and a turtleneck underneath.

#5. “Recycled Hamburger.” If the princess look doesn’t work out, we still have the hamburger costume to fall back on. (We managed to somehow not take any photos of the hamburger costumes!)

#6. “Pregnant Woman.” And finally, the costume that I thought of last night that I think is the scariest idea of them all! I still have all my maternity clothes, some even still in my dresser drawer. So this would be an easy idea for me; I just don’t know if everyone will get that it’s supposed to be a scary costume—and not some freaky announcement.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Wow! Is this some kind of freaky announcement? hahah! Hey, I've got a couple bumblebee costumes I could send you for next year :D

  2. Boy, you have quite a group of kiddos to cloth for Halloween this year! Great ideas though! It's been fun reading your blog!