31 October 2009

Another Great Halloween Costume

Boo-Humbug. We aren't big into Halloween. I hate parting with hard-earned dollars to pay for senseless costumes to celebrate a "holiday" that represents things I detest. But it is a big deal in our community and at the kids' school, where they spend half of the day in class, and half of the day parading in their costumes and partying. So I try to think of some creative do-it-yourself-with-what-you-have-on-hand costumes. Each year it seems to get harder, as each time it's a little more creative. Last year, I dressed the boys up as "Joe the Plumber," since he was so popular this time last year. This year, I had so much going on in my life personally, Halloween costumes were at the bottom of my list of concerns. But I'm really pleased with the outcome.

I found a cardboard box and cut off the flaps and colored them and laced them together with twine for a very last-minute butterfly costume for Rosalind. (The boys even liked that one!)

For Julien and Tristan, I found long-sleeved shirts from Enoch's dresser, and made them tuck the shirts into their sweat pants. I blew up an assortment of balloons of differing sizes (leftover from Rosalind's birthday festivities). We put smaller ones in the arms, but large at the top, and then all along their backs to represent "bulging muscles." Then I used a marker and some freezer paper to draw up letters and numbers that look like team uniforms, with the name of their P.E. teacher in big letters to tape to their backs. (I wish I had better tape to attach these; they came off too easily.)

The proud teacher, showing off his A students.

The result was a HIT! All the teachers thought it was so funny; especially the P.E. teacher, who seems to have no lack of self-esteem, and a great sense of humor. I kidded with him that we expect the boys to get straight A's in P.E. class now--and I'm pretty sure they will.

Tristan, getting quite used to the muscle-man look, flexes for the camera. Below, Rosalind loved dancing with Julien's classmates in a game of "freeze dancing."

(SIGH!) Now what will we have to do to top that next year?

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