31 October 2009

Birthday Girl

It's hard to believe that three years ago we were blessed with the pinkest little blessing we've ever received.

Now our little girl isn't so little anymore. She fits right in with her brother's classes at school (with only an occasional social faux-pas). If I can get my act together and start doing some "home-school pre-school" as we like to call it, I am convinced she could be reading soon; she's so bright.

Here she is wearing her most-favored pink "sparkle-y dress"

Unfortunately, she's also VERY LOUD. Well, you have to be when you want to be heard in our house. Talking is a competition it seems, and everyone wants to be the first to be heard and the one to have the last word.

But I digress. This post is about our beautiful, smart, and lively little girl, and her birthday. Well, nothing can express the joy of the celebration quite like pictures. So here we go:

Getting ready for the "Strawberry Snake Cakes"

"R" "heart" "3"

Up close, you can see how they look like snakes. (The cakes, not the people.)

The birthday girl is having a blast playing with her new toys, wearing new birthday clothes.

Future homemaker in the making!

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