29 October 2009

Up Days, Down Days, and Birthdays

It's been an interesting couple of weeks. During the same weekend that I recently miscarried, Enoch was sick with the flu, and Tristan had some sort of viral infection that included a trip to Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia on Sunday. (He's fine by the way.) Monday I had blood work done, Tuesday Tristan saw his doctor, Wednesday I cut my thumb with a bread knife and had to get three stitches. Thursday I did more blood work, and Friday saw my doctor to check out my thumb. Then by Saturday Rosalind and Brendan were getting fevers and sniffles, and Tuesday was Rosalind's third birthday. Wednesday I finally got caught up folding all the laundry. Now it's Thursday, and I got my stitches out, and got caught up on my dishes. Hopefully I'll get photos from Rosalind's birthday posted soon; I just wanted to give the overall view of the last two weeks, roughly. And I mean roughly. We're hanging in there. The Lord is good and gracious, and ever-sustaining us. Thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement and your prayers.


  1. Merr ~ Even though you may feel like you are behind on pictures I can't tell you how much Grandma Chace appreciates the frequent updates. I take her shopping every Saturday and she is always thrilled when I am able to bring her pictures of her great grandchildren. So even though things seem to be rough in Philly ~ you are bringing joy over here in California.
    Love ~ Rebekah

  2. Thanks, Rebekah. November should prove to be much more full, as I plan to do the "Thankfulness in November" series again. Let's hope that life doesn't get in the way!