12 November 2009


(Sigh) Well, the month is nearly half over, and I'm finally "caught up" with my Thankfulness in November posts. I'm just shaking my head, because I could go back to last year's posts and I was commenting on every one nearly every day. This time--not so much. But we're going forward, not looking back--except to say that I've "filled in" days 1-8 now, and you can go back to read the days we've missed. I also prepared a few days ahead of time, so I'll hopefully be able to keep up in a more relaxed and mentally-connected state. I hope if you're doing Thankfulness in November with your family, that you are enjoying it so far. And I'm going to think about the future and how I can make Thankfulness in November better next year. But I'll do that later... Right now I have apple butter to can, chicken stock to make, church missions conference activities to attend, and a baby who has been sneezing and acting sick today. Back to work everyone!

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