24 November 2009

TIN-November 24, 2009

It's hard to believe that this time last year, we didn't own a single pet. Then we had a brief encounter with two goldfish. And now we have a fully-furry-purry-one-hundred-percent-pet, Cyrus the orange cat. I'll even post my favorite photos of him here today. He's a great mouser, chases unsuspecting children just to freak them out, and I think he loves me the most, even though I've been known to throw things at him for scratching the furniture. But all that relates to today's Thankfulness in November category:

Do you own a pet?

Please deposit 10 cents for each one.

Isn't he handsome and regal?

When he's not napping or chasing mice or fraidy-cat children, Cyrus enjoys a good game of chase with the ball.

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