04 November 2009

It's Coming Soon...

Here I thought I'd be posting every day this month with Thankfulness in November! Well, I'm working on the somewhat low-tech graphics, but my camera's batteries died and I had to buy more. AND I'm trying to make 60 cups of apple puree into apple butter but need to buy another 5-lb bag of sugar. AND I need to make apple jelly with the juice Enoch made. AND we have pumpkin seeds to roast (if they haven't gotten moldy in the fridge). AND I am trying to stay on top of the heaps of laundry that a family of six generates in the fall, as well as keeping them fed 3 times a day. AND we've been up late watching the Phillies defend their World Series Championship status. AND we are looking for an inexpensive upright freezer to store the 100 pounds or so of frozen vegetables that arrive this weekend (while I'm supposed to be at a women's conference). So I appreciate your patience. Thankfully blogger has a neat feature that allows me to post things with an old date, so I hope to get caught up eventually.

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