17 March 2008

And Thus It Begins

Julien and Tristan warming up and practicing throwing the ball overhead.

Yesterday was the first day of soccer, the beginning of a new aspect of our lives that we have mixed feelings about. While I grew up in a home that greatly encouraged participation in sports (one extreme), Enoch was raised with a much stronger emphasis on academics (the other extreme). We are striving to have a balanced mindset when it comes to sports. We consider it a beneficial opportunity to meet and befriend people in the community who may have never heard the gospel. And we trust that it is fun for the boys, and a good learning experience, and may prepare them for opportunities down the road, if they excel athletically. At the same time, we will not allow sports to have priority over our family life, our responsibilities to God, nor their education and academic pursuits. That's the goal. That's our desire. And for those of you who do pray for us, you can pray for our wisdom and discernment as we pursue this new thing with excitement and caution.

So here's the photo gallery of yesterday's activities. They practiced for one half hour, and then played another team for the second half hour. Besides the goalie, each team played 4 players at a time, and rotated kids in.

Julien was the first to volunteer to be goalie, and did quite well. He had to be careful not to hit his head on the goal post. The other team's coach's son was the only one who scored, and he kicked a beautiful shot over Julien's head as he was crouching down in anticipation.

Here's Tristan, #16, trying to beat the aforementioned coach's son to the the ball. Our coach's son is the one coming behind with the determined look on his face.

Here's a candid photo of Rosalind exploring the field with Daddy close behind.

Another encounter between Tristan and the other coach's son. (The other coach is the serious-looking one in the background with the sunglasses and referee's whistle.)

Here's Enoch giving the boys a few pointers on the sidelines as they both were waiting to be rotated back in.

Shaking hands with the other team after the game. Julien, #3, was told by his coach (right behind him in the gray shirt), "You're almost as tall as me!" Enoch told everyone that the boys get their height from their mother, which got a few chuckles from people.

Clapping hands at the post-game team huddle with the coach and his wife.

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