07 March 2008

Catching Up with Photos

As promised, here's a little smörgåsbord of photos to catch you up on what's going on in our neck of the woods:

We finally got the chance to use our snow shovels, although it wasn't more than a couple of inches and didn't last long. Rosalind surprised me with how adaptable she was in the snow. She headed right into it, and didn't mind getting her feet all snowy in her new shoes (see below). She lasted longer outside than I thought she would, and even though she was cold, she still complained about going in.

Okay, so you all thought that Rosalind was always beautiful and sweet and photogenic, even with a messy face. Well, here's a little sample of when she's not. This is her reaction to wearing shoes for the first time. She was so terrified that she just stood still with her hands out and screamed. She even tried to stomp her feet, but she wouldn't dare walk. She cruised the furniture for a while, and eventually would walk, but only on the carpet. She screamed when I tried putting the shoes on a second time. Eventually, after a couple of days she got the hang of it. Now she always wants to wear her shoes, and lately she's been spotted tap-dancing on the wooden floor just because she seems to love the sound it makes.

Oh yes, we also had a birthday, didn’t we? Julien turned 6 last month, and I’ve been promising photos for some time now. Here’s a couple. Because it was on a Sunday, we didn’t have anyone over for a party, but we spent the afternoon at the Philadelphia Museum of Art looking at arms and armor (a favorite of the boys), American art, giant tapestries and some other paintings. They brought their clipboards and pencils to “sketch” some of what they saw, which they think is pretty neat. We saw a lot of paintings involving ships and big waves, which seems to be a theme in Julien’s coloring these days. I made a layered banana spice cake with buttercream frosting, as Julien requested. It looked more like a lava cake. The bananas in the middle were oozing out brown juices and we were having landslide issues. But it tasted pretty okay.

Dressed up and ready for spring soccer! (Starting March 16th!)

The next household project is in the middle of the living room. This will be a post all it's own some day, but for now, it's a work in progress. I'm very much looking forward to the after photos, when the project is done, and the cloth curtain "door" to the bathroom is replaced with a spiffy, freshly painted door.

And, finally, going all the way back to Valentine’s Day, here’s some sweet photos of sweet Rosalind enjoying a sweet cupcake we brought home from school.

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