10 March 2008

Catching Up in the Kitchen

I only have a few minutes to write a little something, but wanted to share my small victory today, that for the first time in a very long time, I have in fact planned a week's worth of meals. (gasp!) Believe me, this is no small victory.

But along with that (everyone hold your breath), after having met with my husband on Saturday to discuss our finances, I sat down today and made a lot of phone calls and paid a lot of bills and feel like a huge assignment has been completed. Well, the main part anyway. The coming weeks and months will consist of the revisions and corrections, etc., including the necessary lifestyle habits that will need to be edited and/or deleted. And although we managed to use nearly all of our tax refund towards paying bills and such, it is a great feeling to have some of that burden lifted!

So beyond that, I'm a little shy about writing any more detail about that subject, but in terms of the meal planning and menu-making, I wanted to ask my readers (a.k.a. family and friends and anyone who wanders onto this blog who wishes to comment) these questions about their domestic habits:

1. How regularly do you plan a menu? (never, weekly, monthly, etc.)
2. How strictly do you stick to the plan?
3. What's for dinner this week?

Here's my menu, which is flexible enough to not have to be on the day listed, but listing the days is quite helpful, so I've heard. I'm listing the main course, and perhaps a side dish, but at this point, a main dish is what I've got to start with. :)

Monday: Cranberry Chicken with rice and yellow corn
Tuesday: Chicken Enszhiladas, probably with rice
Wednesday: Green soup over baked potatoes
Thursday: Chili
Friday: Falafel or Leftovers or Husband's Surprise
Saturday: Homemade Pizza
Sunday: Leftovers or Falafel or Husband's Surprise

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