15 August 2008

Garage Door and Basement Photos

We started the morning off with some light rain, and the forecast was for more possible showers throughout the day.

Ok, so here's some photos of the garage door renovation project. Although it was a much more labor-intensive project than the bathroom, and much more important to our family's safety and comfort and economic efficiency, we didn't take nearly as many pictures.

First we removed the fiberglass garage door and rails, and prayed for the rain to go away.

But this is only "phase one" as it were. Essentially for now, we have traded in a big drafty garage door for a cement wall with a much smaller garage door. Once the cement block cures, we'll seal it (and the small draft in the new door), and eventually do something more pleasant to the eyes to finish the outside (like stucco). Then, at some point, we'll tackle "phase two," which involves running electrical wiring and putting up two walls to make it separate from the basement area. It's unknown what other phases will follow (it's potentially endless, you know). But we'll eventually build in storage for the garage items to be stored most efficiently, and we hope to also do more improvements in the basement, as time and money and family needs allow.

Well into it! Making some encouraging progress and a giant mess of the driveway.

By the end of the work day on Saturday, we had not completed everything. All of Sunday was necessary for finishing the top of the wall and installing the door, which opens and closes beautifully, thanks to our good friend Dale V.

The "finished project." We still need to rid ourselves of a few leftover blocks, but it still looks a lot better than before!

So I imagine more photos will be taken. Meanwhile, we're considering the completion of phase one to be another domestic victory!

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