15 August 2008

Same Old Story

So I suppose those who have been anticipating news of the arrival of this baby are most likely tired of looking at pictures of my bathroom, and I can't say I blame them! Having my parents here to help with the arrival of their 14th grandchild has been a great blessing, and at the same time has altered our routines quite a bit. So posting on my blog of course has pretty much been lost in the shuffle, not to mention the fact that I'm supposedly about to go into labor any moment, since Sunday was my due date!

But apparently, it's the same old story: going for a week past my due date yet again. I am scheduled to have an ultra-sound and then a visit with my o.b. afterwards, and it's possible I'd be favorable for an induction (not something I'd prefer, but I'll gladly do if the conditions are favorable). So that's the scheduled activity for this afternoon.

This may seem strange to some people, but this morning we're also planning to attend a funeral of a friend from our former church, who recently died of congestive heart failure. Some people think that's a bit morbid, and even Enoch's co-workers at his summer job told him they thought it was "bad luck" to take your pregnant wife to a funeral. But I find that to be just a bit silly. While we are sad for his untimely death, we know that he knew the Lord and trust that he's in His presence now. We are sad, and we feel sadness and sympathy for the family and their loss, but at the same time our grief is also out-shined by the hope and confidence we have as Christians that we who believe will one day be raised up with Christ. So for that reason, we can even rejoice in the midst of the sorrow.

So, unless I'm in labor, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't attend. His widowed mother has been a great encouragement to us by loving and caring for our kids in times of great need. He and his wife used to teach our boys in the 2's and 3's class at church. His son and daughter were in the youth program when Enoch and I worked with the youth. Of course we'll go!

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