05 March 2009

Another Day, Another Marathon

above: These peanut butter cookies came out beautifully.

I was tempted to post an update yesterday around 10:30 pm, but I was too tired to prolong the day more than necessary. While I didn't get as much stuff baked yesterday as I was hoping, I did get the bread done and I baked one sheet of each type of cookie, just so I could say I did it. So there. I also managed to wipe out the pile of dirty dishes and mixing bowls, so we're starting off today with a clean kitchen.

below: The bread and the chocolate chip cookies only get a passing grade.

Now I have to keep momentum going: The kids have early dismissal from school and I will have a house full of five children aged 7 years to 6 months to help me get the house straightened up, the cookies baked, and homemade pizza made by 5 pm. If you think of me today, pray for me. (I'm outnumbered!) Along with all of our activities, I think I was just tagged as the next one in the family to get the cold that's being passed around as well.

So here I go.

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  1. You go, SuperGirl! Praying you'll actually get to enjoy the fruit of your labor :D
    Love ya!