11 March 2009

The Other Side of the Wall

Well, we're finally getting over this head cold. Thankfully it was short-lived, and my husband (who is only a few days ahead of me in recovering from it also) has been instrumental in keeping things from coming to a grinding halt. And things have been happening left and right. Today, for instance, I locked myself out of the house. Thankfully we have a friend who is a bus driver at the school where Enoch teaches, and he was able to bring me a key during his mid-morning break. While waiting, I had a nice visit with one of our neighbors who is around 87 years old, and she gave us tea and juice and the use of her potty.

So now it's 11am, and I'm just starting to make my to do list. (Well, as soon as I finish blogging!) Looks like it will be short: laundry, lunch, and dinner, with "pick up kids" in there somewhere, and general "keep it clean" activity. Not very exciting, but I think I've had enough excitement for the day. Maybe we'll take a jaunt to Wal-Mart and make a spare key to keep at the neighbor's house (although I enjoyed the tea and the impromptu visit).

Speaking of excitement, I am EXCITED and downright giddy about the fact that I finally, after these many years, have finished paying off my student loan debt! I wrote the last check yesterday, and was nervous and thrilled at the same time. We are really excited because we finally have a plan, and we are following it, and we are seeing results that are motivating us to keep at it. I'm thinking about writing it all out so someday I can look back and remember all the wonderful things along the way that we've endured. And I'm thrilled at the idea of being completely debt-free some day. Finally, I can begin to dream about plans for the future without the burden of endless debt weighing me down. We have a long ways to go, but the "snowball" is rolling now, and we can't be more excited about it! I hope to post more about this in the future. But in the meantime, check out Dave Ramsey at DaveRamsey.com to find out how we plan to get ourselves out of debt. We're hooked, and I'm claiming this as a domestic victory too!

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  1. That is sooo exciting! Good work! You didn't mention this particular piece of good news when we were talking on facebook...But its great, keep up the great work!