04 March 2009

Baking Marathon

I'll keep this short, as it's already 10:30 in the morning, and I've only just turned the oven on. Today I am having a baking marathon. Enoch wants to bless his beloved students with home-baked goodies on Friday, even though this week has been full of events (snow day on Monday, dentist appointment on Tuesday, parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday, guests for dinner and coffee house on Thursday...) So, today's the day. I thought if I at least post something early, I might be motivated to add photos later with the outcome. Stay tuned!

above: Bread starter sponge (top), peanut butter cookie dough (center), and chocolate chip cookie dough (bottom).

1:30 PM Update: Nothing has actually been baked (yet). But, I've mixed double batches of peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies, made a bread starter sponge, and fed two little ones lunch. I have to pick up the big kiddos from school in 1/2 hour, so I guess the real baking will begin after they get here. I'll be throwing in a couple of potatoes so we'll have something healthy to eat before parent/teacher conferences tonight. I also hope to mix up a couple batches of muffins (pear and/or lemon), even if it's just the dry ingredients so I can bake more tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm taking the next 15 minutes to fold a little laundry before waking up the little ones.

9:30 PM Update: Boy, did I have some lofty goals today! But alas, my children were in need of much discipline and attention, and since Daddy was working late tonight, it was all me on the battle front. Sometimes I even plan for those rather predictable interruptions, and in fact, the reason I promptly put the cookie dough in storage containers after mixing them up was my foreknowledge of the possibility that they wouldn't get done. I don't know whether I should count that as a victory or a pre-determined defeat. But we did have some tasty baked potatoes for dinner, and we did have two very good parent/teacher conferences, and the kids are all in bed now, and I have a lot of dishes to wash and two loaves of bread to pop in the oven before calling it a day. I guess my idea of a baking marathon and the reality of a baking marathon were not exactly the same. But thank the Lord that tomorrow is a whole new day!

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