25 November 2007

I'm A Turkey

I could come up with all kinds of excuses as to why I haven't posted for so long. But let's just say I'm a Turkey and leave it at that. (The reason I'm able to post right now is because I'm home from church with a sick baby, who is napping at the moment.)

So much has happened in the month of November, and I didn't even post pictures from October when my parents were here! So here's a collage of photos, just to get them up here and get on with my life as a blogger.

Grandpa reading Curious George to the curious onlookers.

Grandma oversees the cupcake decorating. (I don't know how we ever survived doing stuff like this when we were little--I have very little patience for these messy activities. Thanks, Mom, for having so much patience and for not killing your children!)

Rosalind likes to squint and offer a cheezy smile when the camera starts to flash. Because she got so much attention from doing it, the boys wanted to be cheezy, too.

We celebrated two birthdays in October; first Rosalind's, and then Mom's.

Happy Birthday Girls!

After Grandma and Grandpa's visit, we had a lot of work to get caught up on. (Remember my post about the desk?) Not only did I have stacks of laundry and general cleaning to do,

but we also had to harvest the last of the carrots and get the tulip bulbs into the ground before frost.

We made it just in time. I'm looking forward to seeing the results in April.

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  1. What lovely photos! Everyone's gotten so big. I can't believe Rosalind is a year old already. O.o