12 November 2007

Paper, Paper Everywhere...

My parents were here for ten days, and it's taking me about the same amount of time to get back into the swing of things. Today was the first day we got Julien to school early enough to play for 5 minutes before the bell rang. And we all ate breakfast and read the Bible and brushed our teeth and took our vitamins and got his backpack ready to go without yelling or spanks or threats of spanks! (Big sigh!) It's good to be back.

I've finally caught up with my laundry (except for putting it away--that's on the list), and I even did a lot of ironing yesterday while watching the Philadelphia Eagles pull off a win over the Washington Redskins! Wonders never cease! I love my new iron, Mom! (Maybe it will be my secret ritual to help my Eagles win their games.)

But the major obstacle I must overcome is the mountains of paper invading my space. It's not just the junk mail. That's the easy stuff. It's the:
  • junk mail
  • Sunday paper (especially the ads and coupons that I hold because I intend to read/use)
  • Papers from Sunday School from the kids
  • Papers from the church bulletin (which I intend to read but seldom ever do)
  • Papers from Julien's school
  • Papers from the kids' coloring and drawing and projects
  • Magazines
  • greeting cards
  • grocery lists

It is a constant stream that never dries up! And just like water recycles itself (thanks to God, who in His infinite wisdom designed it that way), we choose to recycle paper, which I think is partially to blame for the overwhelming abundance of paper that we possess! It all ends up in a brown paper bag to be taken away to the recycling receptacle, eventually. But sometimes it spends way too much time on my desk, counter top, Bible notebook, car, etc. before making its way to the brown bag.

So the goal for today: Get as much paper into the brown paper bag as possible. Maybe I'll take some photos for inspiration and motivation to get the job done. If only I can find the cord that allows me to download the photo from the camera to the computer. I think it's on my desk. Somewhere.

So. I have to sift through the mountains of paper today, sorting out the sheep from the goats (bills from the junk), and then proceeding to the more rewarding job of paying the bills (in theory), and then the even more rewarding job (which I never seem to get around to) of ordering my desk into a functional, manageable, organized space. So the first two goals are attainable. The third, I think need serious help. Stay posted.


  1. i love your autumn leaves, transfered it to my desktop :)

  2. Toni,
    Thanks; I did it myself. It's on my desktop as well. I should sell it and make big money. : )

    Maybe some day.
    Love ya!