09 June 2008

Heat Wave!

As some of you might be aware from the news, our area of the world is experiencing the first heat wave of the summer season. Saturday's temperature reached 94F, and we were outside a good deal (mostly Enoch and the boys) working in the garden, cutting grass, and helping Mom Mom and Pop Pop with burn day. Sunday morning Enoch wasn't feeling well at church. We reached 94F, and he was supposed to help a friend work on his roof after they treated us to a lovely supper. Thankfully they showed some sense and scratched their plans, but Enoch took the kids to the park anyway. They came back from the park sweaty and very red, and Enoch said "we need to go home, and you need to drive." He was feeling worse. We came home and he crashed on the sofa bed in the living room basically until this morning. The kids and I watched videos and ate popcorn and slept in the basement to keep cool.

This morning as Enoch was getting ready to go to work, the inside house temperature was 80F, and today it is expected to go up to 99F outside. So I finally broke down and determined to use the air conditioner. I am 7 months pregnant, after all, and there's no need to foolishly attempt to be a hero. I'd much rather avoid an emergency room visit due to heat exhaustion.

I'm not sure if Enoch's illness is heat related or something else, but he got nearly 13 hours of sleep and is feeling better though not 100% today. The forecast for the rest of this heat wave: tomorrow 98F, Wednesday 91F, and then it drops below heat wave definition to 86F and 85F for Thursday and Friday. These temperatures do not factor in humidity, which makes it feel even hotter. The good news: our garden seems to be loving these temperatures, and hopefully my next post will have updates from our backyard.

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  1. Anonymous09 June, 2008

    The humidity makes a huge difference! We love our "dry" heat. It's a nice 104 today. I'll be excited to see pics of your garden. We did our own small one - but the growing season is really short. We did have a great crop of lettuce, though. Hopefully we'll have better luck in the fall.