06 June 2008

Recent Visitors

And AT LAST, an updated blog, but with some catching up to do! Of course, the most recent big event has been a visit from Grandma Stevenson and Aunt Becky. They stayed over Memorial Day weekend and helped us celebrate Tristan's 5th Birthday (more on that is forthcoming). As out-of-town visits from family are a rare treat, we all were looking forward to it, and were not disappointed. Here's a snapshot of only some of the loot that Grandma and Aunt Becky unloaded from their suitcases.

Rosalind took a little time before warming up to Aunt Becky, but she quickly became attached to her red water bottle. Every time she spotted Aunt Becky taking a drink, Rosalind decided she wanted it. By the end of their visit, Aunt Becky generously left it for Rosalind to remember her by.

It didn't take too long for Rosalind to warm up to Grandma and Aunt Becky, though. Especially since they were so willing to read books to her. Nearly anytime a living room chair is occupied, she goes right to the kid's bookshelf and grabs a book to take to the nearest lap.

The boys also got to participate in a very special project with Grandma: making cinnamon rolls in a bag. Grandma patiently helped them squish all the ingredients, flatten the dough, and form the rolls while I gladly documented it on film. (Thanks to Aunt Karen for sending us the recipe!)

step one: smush ingredients in a zippered plastic bag until thoroughly mixed.

step two: flatten into a "rectangle" on a floured surface.

step three: sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, roll up, cut into rounds, and place in baking dish.

The end results were delicious!

We have some wonderful memories to cherish, and are looking forward to the next visit already.

More favorite photos of "reading with Rosalind."

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