02 June 2008

One of the Benefits of Having to Use the Toilet at 2:15 in the Morning

Heh. Heh. Heh.

I sometimes enjoy giving my little posts such fun titles.


Well, I was going to catch up on some blogging posts today and show pictures from our good times spent with Grandma and Aunt Becky celebrating Tristan's 5th birthday. Perhaps that can still be accomplished; we'll see.

Last night I got up to use the restroom (just after Enoch had, actually), and heard a sound that I couldn't quite determine at first. Since we had all our windows open, I thought it could be the rushing sounds of the highway, or perhaps the neighbor's shower. Or was the toilet still running from the previous user? The more I listened, the more it sounded like either my dishwasher or washing machine was running water. As it was about 2:20 am and I had not turned either machine on before bed, I thought I'd go investigate.

When I reached the kitchen I knew for certain it was water running, but when I turned on the kitchen lights, everything was dry. So I opened the basement door, and heard what sounded like intense splashing, and felt cool moisture in the air. I ran back to the stairs and yelled up to Enoch to come quickly, there was water rushing in the basement.

We were so fast and focussed on getting the main water shut off and the lights turned on, we had to actually turn the water back on to find the problem. The washing machine's cold water hose had blown a hole. There was cold water up to our ankles in one section of the basement, and it had found an exit point under the garage door area and was draining outside.

And today is supposed to be laundry day! Thankfully I washed a couple of loads yesterday, and we used our newly installed laundry line outside for the first time. But since it's the washer that is out of commission, not the dryer, my laundry will just have to wait until we get this fixed.

But here's my free advice for anyone considering buying a new home for the first time: purchase a shop vac! You may find it comes in handy when you least expect it.

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  1. How awful. Our sump pump didn't work one time and flooded the basement floor. Thank goodness it was contend to the maintance room. But some did seeped into the kids room. Carpet had to be dried. Nothing to major like the whole basement.